Microblading Aftercare Guide

Microblading Aftercare Guide

microblading aftercare

After your first microblading treatment, it’s important to take good care of your eyebrows as they heal. The more careful you are in the beginning, the better they will look and the longer they will last! If you’ve never gotten a tattoo or had cosmetic tattooing done before, there are some important changes you might have to make to your daily routine. In the end, we promise it will be worth it!

Things to avoid post-microblading:

  1. Getting area wet for 10 days
  2. Sweating, saunas, and hot showers
  3. Direct exposure to sun and salon tanning
  4. Wearing makeup for at least a week
  5. Picking or itching your eyebrows
  6. Facials, chemical peels, Botox, and microdermabrasion for at least four weeks

What you can expect after your session

The healing process for microblading typically takes around four to six weeks. Throughout these weeks, your eyebrows will go through several phases of healing. At first, the dark pigment on your eyebrows may look a little unnatural and will appear dark for a few days. As your skin naturally starts to regenerate, the color will begin to fade and start to look more normal. During this period, there will be peeling, causing your brows to appear lighter than the original consultation projection. This is typical of most people, even with proper care. That’s why your follow up appointment after six to eight weeks is so important! After 30 days, your eyebrows will be in their final phases of healing. At this point, they’ll look more natural, and you can enjoy your beautiful new eyebrows!

Skin care after microblading

Once your microblading is completely healed, there are simple methods to avoid fading. 

  1. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, sunscreen is a must! Apply a thin layer of SPF 30 to 50 on your eyebrows before you go outside. 
  2. When using foundation, avoid putting it directly on your healed eyebrows because they’ll appear lighter.
  3. Avoid products that contain retinol – they may speed up the process of fading!
  4. Be sure to use moisturizer or ointment that is suggested by your permanent makeup artist. These products can be used to minimize scabbing and keep your eyebrows moisturized and protected from germs and bacteria.

You want to keep your eyebrows looking amazing for as long as possible, so it’s crucial to take the best care of them during the healing process! If you’re worried about messing up the healing process, talk with your microblading specialist and figure out what will work best for you. 

Be sure to book your six to eight week touch up and your annual follow up to keep your brows looking fresh. Book today >>

Stop Thinking About It: It’s Time to Get Lash Lifts in New Jersey!

Stop Thinking About It: It’s Time to Get Lash Lifts in New Jersey!

lash lifts in new jersey before and after

Even though we’ve been offering lash lifts in New Jersey for a few years now, we still can’t get enough! For anyone who isn’t happy with the length, height, or color of their natural eyelashes, last lifts are a quick, easy and semi permanent way to give you the eyelashes you’ve always wanted – mascara not included. If you’re still on the fence, here are some quick facts about lash lifts to hopefully convince you to give it a shot:

Think of it like a perm for your eyelashes.

Similar to a perm, lash lifts use a chemical solution to curl your lashes upward, giving them the appearance of being longer. Even though chemicals may make you nervous around the eyes, lash lifts consist of silicon rods and a Keratin-based lifting lotion.

Quick enough to do it on your break.

Whether you are doing lash lifts only or lash lifts with a tint, the process will take you under an hour. Most people say their appointments take between 30 and 40 minutes.

Most of the appointment is lying down.

If you’re worried about having to watch or feel someone messing around your eyes, we are happy to report only a small portion of the appointment consists of actually touching your eyelashes. Instead, most of it consists of you lying in a comfy chair or on a table while the solution develops on your lashes. It’s relaxing and a great way to close your eyes.

Come au naturale.

If you’re getting lash lifts, make sure you come without any makeup on, especially mascara. Also, leave the contacts at home, so your eyes are au naturale and ready to go.

Toss your eyelash curler and mascara in the trash.

After your lash lift appointment, there is no need for eyelash curlers or mascara! Using eyelash curlers can actually break the rods in the lifts and using waterproof mascara can damage the lifts. If you want to take the best care of your lash lifts, avoid mascara and heavy eye makeup so you aren’t rubbing it off at the end of the day.

See you in three months.

Arguably one of the best parts about lash lifts is they can last up to 12 weeks, even with activities like swimming or exercising. There is no need to come in for maintenance or fill-ins, making lash lifts the ultimate way to have the best lashes ever!

Call ANU Medical Spa today to talk with one of our consultants and book your lash lift appointment. Be sure to mention lash tinting if you are interested in adding it to your treatment!

South Jersey Guide to Health and Wellness

South Jersey Guide to Health and Wellness


After a long week, you’re probably ready for a little rejuvenation and relaxation. This health and wellness guide will show you some of the best options in the Voorhees, N.J. area for a relaxing day to yourself.


Yoga for Living Wellness Center

Yoga for Living offers mindfulness meditation series for all levels! We could all use a little more mindfulness in our lives. There are tons of options for different series throughout the year.

Marlton Acupuncture Center

Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that’s over 3,000 years old. It stimulates the body’s energy system to promote its own natural healing.

Life Essential Massage

With 10 different types of massages to choose from, the hardest part of your day will be deciding. Enjoy complete relaxation with a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute massage.


The Voorhees Hot Yoga Center 

You can get more than just hot yoga here. They also offer Bikram, Barkan Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin for all levels! 

Pilates Core Center

Learn pilates in a tranquil environment. Strengthen your core and get on the path to total mind-body wellness.

Jabz Boxing

Try something new and start punching! Jabz boxing classes are designed for women at all fitness levels.


Thrive Salon & Spa

Need a new ‘do or want to pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure? Thrive Salon & Spa offers dozens of services to make you feel gorgeous.

ANU Medical Spa

Come see us to relax with spa treatments or beautify with physicians treatments! We offer many services that get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, stretch marks and more. Check out all of our monthly specials to see how you can save! 

Try out these places in South Jersey to align your mind, body, and spirit for ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation!

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means, it’s the one day where she should be treated extra special. You could go with a thoughtful card or a nice bouquet of flowers, but why not give mom something with a little more longevity? You love your mom and you want to give her the best Mother’s Day possible. We know you’ll find something she loves at a South Jersey spa like ANU.



Facials are a great way to show her you care, and they have an immediate effect on her appearance. Our wide variety of facials come with a complimentary skin analysis that uses state-of-the-art technology to evaluate skin texture, wrinkles, pores, and pigmentation to ensure she’s getting the proper treatment. We offer many different types of facials and we’re happy to help you find the perfect one. Our most popular facial treatments include:

  • Lifestyle facial
  • Anti-aging facial
  • Collagen facial

Want to go above and beyond? Try one of add-ons like a renewal hand treatment, a scalp massage, or a refresh and repair eye contour treatment. Find a full list of our facial treatments here.



Get rid of dark spots, sun damage, and stretch marks with our microneedling treatment! The idea of little needles penetrating your skin seems a bit unsettling, but trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds. The needles allow the body to kickstart the wound healing response and produce more good cells that make collagen! In the end, your mom will look years younger. If she’s worried about stretch marks, microneedling can help with that as well. Learn more about microneedling here.

Permanent Makeup


Moms are busy. Why not save her some time in the morning? Instead of having to apply mascara, eyeliner, or lipstick, everything can be done for her with permanent makeup! This is the only time face tattoos are acceptable. Our microblading, cosmetic tattooing, and lash lift treatments will have her looking like a queen 24/7. See all of our treatments here and take a look at our permanent makeup artist’s Instagram page to see some of her work!

Laser Hair Reduction


Summer is coming up quickly. Imagine how nice it would be to wake up on a beach day and not have to shave your legs or armpits before heading out. Give mom the gift of freedom from unwanted hair! Tell her to say goodbye to time spent on shaving or pain from waxing. Laser hair reduction is the gift that keeps on giving because it’s permanent! Now is the best time to buy because all areas are 50% off. See all of our treatment areas and pricing here.

eGift card


When in doubt, go with a gift card. If you’re not sure what she’ll like best, let her choose! Some say gift cards aren’t thoughtful, but the ANU eGift card opens up a world of possibilities. Plus, you can choose a cute Mother’s Day design and choose any amount to add to the card. Buy an eGift card online here.



Whatever you end up getting mom, she’s sure to love it because it’s from you. The most important thing about Mother’s Day is spending quality time with her and making memories. At a South Jersey spa like ANU, you could make a day of it and get treatments together! We offer a variety of specials that change every month. Find something you’ll both love on our specials page.

Everything you should know about lip blushing

Everything you should know about lip blushing

lip blushing

It’s 2019 and people are turning away from tattooed lipliner and toward lip blushing. Lip blushing is the latest trend in the cosmetic industry. It uses a customized pigment to enhance the color of your lips, leaving you with that ‘just bitten” look. If you are someone who finds themselves constantly re-applying your favorite shade of lipstick, maybe it is time to consider this lasting, low-maintenance treatment that leaves your always looking full and vibrant!

How does lip blushing work?

The lip blush procedure starts with a topical cream that temporarily numbs your lips to reduce any discomfort. Once you’ve worked with an artist to select the perfect color to match your skin tone, we use a special pencil to shape your lips. From there, we use a handheld device with a very fine needle to apply the pigment.

Check out this brief video for an idea of how the lip blushing treatment works.

Does it hurt?

They say that beauty is pain, but not in this case. Before the treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied to your lips, which reduces discomfort during the procedure. Some people report slight irritation after the lip blushing process, but this does not last long.

How long does the treatment take?

Because the mouth is such a delicate area, and the needle used is very fine, the procedure takes slightly longer than some cosmetic treatments. Generally, expect a lip blush treatment to take an hour and a half to two hours.

What are the side effects?

The side effects of a lip blush treatment are minimal. It’s common for individuals to experience swelling after the procedure. The amount of swelling depends on the sensitivity of your lips, but it will go away completely in the first week. Right after the treatment, your lips will look very full and vibrant for the proceeding two to three days. By day five, your lips will have faded to the permanent color.

How many treatments do I need?

Only one treatment is required for lasting results. Some people will return to touch up or change their color.

How long do the results last?

Results typically last two to five years. Imagine – not buying lipstick for two years!

Interested in learning more about lip blushing? Call Anu Medical Spa in Voorhees, New Jersey to learn more about one of the best spa services in NJ!

5 Great Pre-wedding Day Treatments for Brides

5 Great Pre-wedding Day Treatments for Brides


If you’re planning a wedding right now, you’re probably incredibly stressed. There’s so much to worry about – will the dress fit, will the DJ show up, who still hasn’t RSVP’d, etc. – so you probably haven’t given much thought to treating yourself before the big day. However, if you can fit time into your packed schedule, head to your favorite south Jersey spa and treat yourself to one of the following great pre-wedding day treatments:

  1. Lash lift with tint – rather than wearing uncomfortable fake eyelashes, lash lifts give you the same effect. Lash lifts enhance your natural lashes, curling them up and making them appear longer and fuller. You won’t even feel them. For an added bonus, get a lash tint so you won’t have to worry about applying and ruining your mascara on your wedding day!
  2. Microblading – give everyone major eyebrow envy with microblading! A more natural looking alternative to eyebrow pencils, microblading looks at your eyebrows and determines a suitable shape for your face. Then, pigments are semi-permanently tattooed to the skin, creating a very natural eyebrow that is perfect for your face.
  3. truSculpt – don’t worry about whether you’ll get the zipper up on your dress. Zap away fat and sculpt your body with truSculpt. A noninvasive treatment, truSculpt uses radio frequency technology to heat up and destroy fat cells, leaving your stomach, thighs, or under-chin looking tighter and slimmer than ever.
  4. Massage – you probably just spent the past year or more carefully planning every detail of your wedding, which is incredibly stressful. Unwind and feel your best with a massage. At our south Jersey spa, we offer the classic Swedish and deep tissue massages, but you can also treat yourself to the deluxe massage. That massage blends different techniques to create the perfect treatment for you.
  5. Pomegranate peel and dermaplaning – create the perfect base for your makeup with our pomegranate peel and dermaplaning! The pomegranate peel uses antioxidants to reduce the appearance of redness in your skin. Then, the dermaplaning scrapes away all the dead skin cells and fine hairs from your face, leaving your skin velvety smooth and glowing.

Whether you get one of these treatments or all five, you won’t regret it. You’ll look absolutely stunning and be relaxed and ready to go for your wedding day. Want to make an appointment? Come to our south Jersey spa located in Voorhees. You can book an appointment here or view our monthly specials here.

5 Reasons you Should get Permanent Makeup

5 Reasons you Should get Permanent Makeup


While putting on makeup can be fun, there are too many times where it becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth. For example, raise your hand if you’ve spent time trying to match the eyeliner on one eye to the other, but in the end had to remove it and start from scratch. We bet your hand is raised. Rather than having the hassle of perfecting your makeup, try permanent makeup in New Jersey! There are so many reasons why you’d love permanent makeup, but here are five of our favorites:

  1. Wake up looking fabulous. Permanent makeup can add hours back into your week! Rather than spending 15 to 20 minutes a day putting makeup on, you’ll be able to wake up with gorgeous, perfectly lined eyes and lips. Forget struggling to get your makeup just right or rushing to put makeup on before you leave the house – you’ll just have to wake up and look fabulous.
  2. No smudging. Don’t you hate when you rub your eyes or start to cry and mess up your eyeliner? How about when your lipstick or lip liner rubs away almost immediately after you apply it? With permanent makeup in New Jersey, your makeup will stay perfect no matter what you’re doing, giving you the peace of mind that you will always look your best.
  3. Save money on makeup. Most makeup needs to be replaced every few months for sanitary reasons, especially products used around the eyes. Rather than buying new lipsticks and eye pencils, get permanent makeup once and you’re good to go. There may be more cost upfront, but you’ll save time and money in the long run.
  4. Minimal upkeep. Most people think permanent makeup requires frequent appointments to keep the makeup looking it’s best, but that’s not true. You may need to come in after a year to touch up, but that’s it. You’ll still save more time compared to needing to put on your makeup every day and trying to get it looking just right.
  5. Better skin. Everyone is guilting of falling asleep with their makeup on, which is bad for your skin and can cause infections. If you get permanent makeup in New Jersey, you won’t need to worry about taking your makeup off before bed. Instead, you can gently wash your face and hit the hay. You also won’t have to worry about scrubbing hard on your eyes and lips to remove makeup, which causes damage to the area.

More time in your day and a picture perfect look all day every day – what more could you need? Permanent makeup is worth the investment, and we know you’ll love the results. Our resident permanent makeup expert will give you the look you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment for permanent makeup in New Jersey here.

Top 5 Holiday Spa Treatments that Make Great Gifts

Top 5 Holiday Spa Treatments that Make Great Gifts

5 spa treatments that make great gifts

There are very few people who are fluent in the New Jersey spa services available, which is why we aren’t surprised spa treatments go overlooked as gift to give to someone during the holidays. However, there are very few things that are better than a relaxing day. It’s a getaway without going far – giving the person a break from the chaos of everyday life. If you aren’t familiar with the different services offered at a medical spa, here are the five spa treatments we think make great holiday gifts:

  1. Microblading – this is the most popular treatment we offer. A form of permanent makeup, microblading uses the existing eyebrows to recreate or rebuild a new eyebrow shape. We determine what shape will best highlight a person’s facial structure, then apply permanent makeup to give her or him fuller, darker eyebrows that last up to a year.
    Special Price: $399 for initial appointment, $275 for annual follow up
  2. Microneedling with vitamin C infusion – not to be confused with microblading, microneedling uses several tiny surgical needles to penetrate deep into the skin. The treatment boosts the skin’s collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage. The vitamin C infusion brightens and evens the skin to create healthier, radiant skin.
    Special Price: $299
  3. Peppermint aromatherapy massage with hot stones – a perfect way to relax and unwind, this massage melts away tension and fatigue. The peppermint scent is perfect for easing sore muscles, and the hot stones relieve muscle tension and make it easier to relax. When it comes to New Jersey spa services, you won’t find a better deal than this.
    Special Price: $110
  4. Hydration facial with collagen mask – moisturized skin is very important. That’s why we created the hydration facial. We first exfoliate away the dead skin cells. Then, the facial is applied to add moisture back into the skin. The collagen mask is applied to plump the skin, leaving the skin refreshed and moisturized.
    Special Price: $110
  5. PICO Genesis – created to even out discoloration and pigmentation concerns, PICO Genesis uses a pulse laser to break up pigment particles without causing damage to the surrounding area. Brighter, more even skin is noticeable in just two treatments and no downtime.
    Special Price: $300 per session

Give that special someone the gift of a relaxing day and healthier skin. We will pamper her or him to make sure they truly know how much you care. Book an appointment this month to receive some great end of the year savings! You can view the complete list of December specials on our New Jersey spa services here. Purchase a gift card here.

What to Expect During your Lash Lifts Appointment

What to Expect During your Lash Lifts Appointment

lash lifts in new jersey

If you haven’t heard about lash lifts, you’re missing out! It is the easiest, safest way to get curly, ooh-la-la lashes without needing extensions. Instead, lash lifts work with your natural lashes, so it should be no surprise that after treatment your lashes will look naturally beautiful. Because the eye is a sensitive area, a lot of people are hesitant to try something new. That’s why we gave a step-by-step guide of what to expect when you get lash lifts in New Jersey at our medical spa:

  • Step 1: your aesthetician will gently cleanse both eyelids and under eye areas.
  • Step 2: you will be asked to look up toward your forehead and an eye pad will be placed over the bottom of your eye and bottom lashes
  • Step 3: a small, medium, or large sized silicon pad will be selected for your top lashes based on the length of your natural eyelashes. Sometimes, an adhesive is applied first to stick the back of the silicon pad to your eyelid, so it doesn’t move.
  • Step 4: adhesive is applied to the outward facing part of the silicon pad as well as the tops of your upper set of lashes.
  • Step 5: a tool is used to push all of your lashes up, attaching them to the silicon pad. Your aesthetician may do several passes of this step because it is important that all your lashes are pointed up toward the eyebrows.
  • Step 6: the eyelashes are separated from each other, so they aren’t all clumped together on the silicon pad.
  • Step 7: a perm solution is applied to the lashes while they are attached to the silicon pad. This solution sits for about 10 minutes. During this step, the solution is spread to the very base of your lashes, so it is important not to jerk your head.
  • Step 8: the solution is removed – first by scraping it then by using a q-tip.
  • Step 9: a neutralizer solution is applied to the lashes. This helps remove the perming solution and conditions the lashes. This solution sits for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 10: the solution is removed.
  • Step 11: if you are receiving tint, it is now applied to the lashes, which are still attached to the silicon pad. This sits for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 12: the lashes are lifted off the silicon pad, and the silicon pad is removed from your top eyelid.
  • Step 13: the lashes are wiped down to remove any excess solution off that remains.
  • Step 14: the bottom eye pad is removed from underneath your eye.
  • Step 15: your eye area is very gently cleansed to remove any residue from the treatment.
  • Step 16: a disposable eyelash wand is ran over your lashes to separate and lift them.

After that, your lashes will look better than ever! No more worrying about mascara or lash curlers. You’ll wake up with beautiful, perfect lashes for up to two months. If you’re looking to book lash lifts in New Jersey, you can book an appointment online here or call 856-809-0909. There’s still time left to take advantage of our monthly special – lash lifts with tint for $115 or just lash lifts for $100. Book now before it’s too late.

5 Reasons Why Lash Lifts are Worth It

5 Reasons Why Lash Lifts are Worth It

girl with flowers

Not everyone is born with the long, dark eyelashes we see pictured every day among celebrities. Luckily, with New Jersey spa services like lash lifts, the eyelashes of your dreams are possible! A lash lift is the natural way to get longer, fuller lashes by using silicon rods and a Keratin-based lifting lotion. See our lash lift FAQ page to learn more about the treatment. You may look at the price of a lash lift and think it’s not worth it, but we’re here to prove that wrong! The $100+ price tag on a lash lift may seem steep, but there are so many benefits that will make you say “when can I make an appointment?”

Five benefits of lash lifting:

  1. Long lasting. Lash lifts typically last six to eight weeks, and then you have the option to return to ANU Medical Spa for a touch up at a reduced cost. If you’re thinking about getting lash lifts for a special occasion, you can rest assured knowing your lashes will impress people the day of and for weeks after.
  2. Alternative to eyelash extensions. Lash lift treatments are faster than eyelash extensions and require less maintenance afterward. With lash extensions, the cost of infills every two to three weeks can add up. Lash lifts will save you money!
  3. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze. After lash lifts, you’ll wake up with naturally dark, long eyelashes. You can skip the mascara and get those essential extra minutes of sleep.
  4. Enhances your natural eyelash. Lash lifts work with what you already have. Silicon rods and Keratin lotion will lift and strengthen your natural eyelash, giving you an effortlessly beautiful look.
  5. Works on all types of eyelashes. Some are cursed with naturally short and light eyelashes. Lash lifts are designed to work for every lash length and thickness! At our New Jersey spa, we offer a lash lift with tint treatment; mascara and lash curlers will be obsolete.

Your natural lashes have the potential to look longer, darker, and fuller without any makeup! In an appointment that lasts less than an hour, you can achieve the eyelashes you’ve always envied.  

This month we’re offering a special on lash lifting services! Save money on your treatment and book your appointment at ANU Medical Spa here: http://bit.ly/2Bcuw5M    

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