Pelleve uses radio-frequency (electrical) energy to stimulate collagen production which leads to stronger, more resilient looking skin. It can be done on any body area and we recommend 3 treatments separated by a month for optimal results. It is a fabulous procedure to do before a wedding or party for a more rested look and to help refresh the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it uncomfortable?

It is very comfortable we slowly heat up the skin and move on once optimal temperature is reached.

When can I wear makeup?


Anything I should know prior to my appointment?

Can wear makeup immediately after


What is the after care? Is there any downtime?

No downtime just don’t use retinol or retin-a for 3 days.



Prices vary according to the area being treated and will be quoted at your consult.


Plan a Visit

Upon booking your appointment a credit/debit card must be on file to reserve your appointment. The card on file will be charged $100 for no shows or same day cancellations.

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