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Laser Genesis FAQs

Sunday, 06 August 2017 by

How Does Laser Genesis Work? By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness. What Does The Procedure Feel Like? Patients often describe the treatment as relaxing and therapeutic. You will experience a gentle warming of your skin’s

Pearl Fractional Laser FAQs

Saturday, 06 May 2017 by

What is the Pearl Fractional Laser Treatment? Pearl Fractional is a new volumizing fractional laser perfected for photoaging in just one treatment. Pearl Fractional offers the best combination of patient experience and recovery time. Patients will see improvements in photodamage, tone and texture as well as a noticeably smoother, brighter complexion. What Does “Fractional” Mean?

Vein Therapy FAQs

Friday, 06 January 2017 by

How Many Treatments do I Need? Often, patients find that one or two treatments are sufficient. However, the number of treatments necessary depends on the number, color, and size of the vessels being treated. Since individual results vary, ask your medical professional about your specific condition. Do the Treatments Hurt? Most patients experience a stinging

enlighten™ Laser Tattoo Removal Q&A

Tuesday, 08 November 2016 by

At Anu Medical Spa we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-notch beauty, skincare, and esthetician services for our clients.  Recently, we realized that there is a growing need in our area for laser tattoo removal, and there are very few places that offer these services.  To meet this need, we are now offering

It’s estimated that one in every five Americans have at least one tattoo.  Roughly 25% of people with at least one tattoo have regrets about getting permanently inked up.  In 2013, it’s reported that over 45,000 people in the country went through some type of tattoo removal process.  The number of people undergoing laser tattoo

Ugh. It’s time to shave again, which means in a few days, you’ll start to see ingrown hairs, razor bumps, acne or itchy skin pop up. When you have sensitive skin, shaving and waxing to have smooth, hairless skin often requires you to suffer through a few days of irritation – or does it?  

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

Monday, 26 September 2016 by

  For people who have spent their lives struggling to manage their body hair, laser hair reduction is often the answer they have been looking for. It is a safe and effective way to remove hair from just about any part of the body. After several treatments, you’ll see permanent results, and you’ll be never