5 Reasons you Should get Permanent Makeup


While putting on makeup can be fun, there are too many times where it becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth. For example, raise your hand if you’ve spent time trying to match the eyeliner on one eye to the other, but in the end had to remove it and start from scratch. We bet your hand is raised. Rather than having the hassle of perfecting your makeup, try permanent makeup in New Jersey! There are so many reasons why you’d love permanent makeup, but here are five of our favorites:

  1. Wake up looking fabulous. Permanent makeup can add hours back into your week! Rather than spending 15 to 20 minutes a day putting makeup on, you’ll be able to wake up with gorgeous, perfectly lined eyes and lips. Forget struggling to get your makeup just right or rushing to put makeup on before you leave the house – you’ll just have to wake up and look fabulous.
  2. No smudging. Don’t you hate when you rub your eyes or start to cry and mess up your eyeliner? How about when your lipstick or lip liner rubs away almost immediately after you apply it? With permanent makeup in New Jersey, your makeup will stay perfect no matter what you’re doing, giving you the peace of mind that you will always look your best.
  3. Save money on makeup. Most makeup needs to be replaced every few months for sanitary reasons, especially products used around the eyes. Rather than buying new lipsticks and eye pencils, get permanent makeup once and you’re good to go. There may be more cost upfront, but you’ll save time and money in the long run.
  4. Minimal upkeep. Most people think permanent makeup requires frequent appointments to keep the makeup looking it’s best, but that’s not true. You may need to come in after a year to touch up, but that’s it. You’ll still save more time compared to needing to put on your makeup every day and trying to get it looking just right.
  5. Better skin. Everyone is guilting of falling asleep with their makeup on, which is bad for your skin and can cause infections. If you get permanent makeup in New Jersey, you won’t need to worry about taking your makeup off before bed. Instead, you can gently wash your face and hit the hay. You also won’t have to worry about scrubbing hard on your eyes and lips to remove makeup, which causes damage to the area.

More time in your day and a picture perfect look all day every day – what more could you need? Permanent makeup is worth the investment, and we know you’ll love the results. Our resident permanent makeup expert will give you the look you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment for permanent makeup in New Jersey here.