Dive into Summer with Laser Hair Reduction from ANU Medical Spa

Jun 12, 2017 | Physician Services


Summer is here and so is ANU Medical Spa! Get rid of unwanted facial and body hair this season with our help. ANU uses the Cutera truPulse Laser, an FDA-approved technology that is the safest and most effective available. No matter your skin tone, the laser works and is sure to provide superior results. ANU Medical Spa can treat general areas of the body, such as the face, underarms, or back, but is also successful on sensitive areas like the bikini line or chest. The end results of laser hair reduction are permanent and safe, leaving skin clear and free of harm.

How It Works

In the beginning of the procedure, the area being treated is covered with gel, then covered by a truPulse hand piece, which sends light to the target hair follicles. Pain is minimal, and at most, patients report a mild pinch or sting. The number of sessions required depend on various factors, such as the thickness and location of the follicles, as well as the individual patient’s hair growth. There are generally about three to six treatment sessions required for an area of hair.


Any possible immediate side effects such as redness or slight swelling may occur but will be gone within hours of treatment. Patients are advised to wear sunscreen, as it will protect the manipulated area from sun damage. While it is not advisable to pluck or wax hair, shaving is acceptable.

Just in time for the summer heat and beach vacations, ANU Medical Spa is offering 50 percent off laser hair reduction in NJ! Treat the areas you’ve been wishing to for years and take advantage of our competitive pricing. Book your appointment with our laser hair reduction consultant by going to our website or calling us at (856) 809-0909. Get ready to be hair-free in any trouble spots and take on ANU Medical Spa today.


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