The Benefits of Reflexology

Feet - benefits of reflexology in new jersey

Most people get massages to treat themselves after a tough week or to work out any pain they have in their body. However, sometimes working on your entire body or focusing only on your back doesn’t melt away all your stress or fatigue, so when the massage is over, you have to snap back to the stress of reality.

If you don’t get freaked out by people touching your feet, reflexology, a type of bodywork that focuses specifically on the feet, is an excellent way to relieve stress, fatigue, and muscle tension in the entire body. Seem too good to be true? Let us break down reflexology to put some science behind this fantastic spa treatment.

What is reflexology?

Much more than just a foot massage, reflexology is application of pressure to certain areas of the foot, and it is based on the belief the feet mirror a person’s entire body. Each part of the foot correlates to a different organ or system in the body and applying pressure to each area can relieve tension or stress on these areas and benefit the person’s overall health.

What part of the foot correlates to what system?

There are more than 30 different organs represented in reflexology on the bottom of your foot, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Small intestines
  • Solar plexius
  • Bladder
  • Sciatic nerve
  • Hips
  • Sinuses

Interestingly, each foot does not represent the same organs or systems. For example, one section on the middle of the foot corresponds to the heart on your left foot but the gallbladder on your right foot. Our massage therapists have mastered the parts of the feet and reflexology chart and can pinpoint the exact places you are feeling the most tension.

What can I expect at a reflexology appointment?

Usually, the massage therapist or reflexologist will review your medical history or discuss areas where you feel tension on the body, so he or she will know what parts of the feet to focus on. However, the massage therapist will still focus on your entire foot to ensure your entire body is in balance after the session. They apply gentle pressure to each of the areas of the foot and focus on relieving any tightness they come across.

After the appointment, it is very normal to feel not only less pain or tension, but an overwhelming desire to sleep, slight light-headedness, and a spike in sentimental emotions. It is very common to have excellent, deep sleep following reflexology, which helps you tackle life with a clear head and open mind.