5 Tips for Healthy Skin This Summer

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Summer has finally arrived! While you indulge in warm weather, vacations, and the sun, it is important to remember to take care of yourself. ANU Medical Spa, a New Jersey medical spa located in Voorhees, stresses the importance of keeping your skin healthy to protect against premature aging and other sun damage. We compiled five tips for healthy skin this summer.

  1. Sunscreen

Perhaps the most obvious, sunscreen is an absolute essential for men and women of any age. No matter how sensitive to the sun your skin appears to be, ultraviolet rays can still take a toll on those who think they are the safest. These days, many moisturizers, BB creams, and foundations come with SPF in the formula, but it is always helpful to purchase a real sunscreen for extra protection. Remember to apply sunscreen even on cloudy days, which is when the sun’s rays can be the harshest. Additionally, “water-resistant” sunscreens still wash off. Be sure to reapply frequently – experts suggest every two hours. ANU is offering 10% off all sunscreen for the month of June!

  1. Laser Skin Toning

ANU Medical Spa offers PICO Genesis™, which is a laser skin toning that treats effects of premature aging and sun damage such as sunspots. Don’t let going makeup-free stop you from going to the beach or pool this summer. Wear a fresh face while feeling confident with Laser Genesis. ANU is currently offering $300/session for the month of June – get your coupon here!

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is important year-round, and it doesn’t stop in the summer! Remove dead skin for a fresh, clear face with gentle scrubs or facials. Teens ages 13 to 17 can receive a facial targeted for their age group at ANU Medical Spa, which is one of the many great facials offered.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Maintaining a healthy water intake is significant for overall health, especially during hot summer days. Whether you are working outside, sitting in the office, or running on the beach, hydration is key to staying healthy. Keeping a water bottle in your bag or at your desk is a helpful reminder to drink water when you’re at your busiest. Add some cucumbers, strawberries, or another fruit of choice to make your water a little more exciting.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing can help counteract drying acquired from sunburn, saltwater, or general damage. Investing in a quality moisturizer can completely turn around your beauty routine, as well as give you fresher, brighter skin. ANU Medical Spa offers many facials, such as the Collagen Facial, to hydrate the skin and make it healthier than ever. Skin care is important at any age, and it is beneficial to start caring for it as soon as possible.  Enjoy the summer days while staying healthy. Feel free to contact ANU, a top New Jersey medical spa, with any questions or to book an appointment today.