Medical Services

Our medical services are provided by trained medical professionals in a sterile, hygienic environment. All of our licensed aestheticians have extensive experience in skincare, performing these state-of-the-art procedures. We pride ourselves on offering a unique, customized non-surgical approach, catering to our patients’ individual needs.

Our Services

Problem Areas

Click on the pictures below to discover how we treat common problem areas.


Nose veins

Excel V
The answer to prominent, dark veins


Lightens the appearance of dark spots and sun spots!

crows feet (side of eye) or smile lines

the solution for fine lines, leaving your skin looking tight and rejuvenated.


enhance your lips for a more fuller look


Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles!

Turkey gobble neck

An injectable that targets and melts fat underneath your chin

Dark spots

Pico Genesis is TLC for your skin! It evens the skin’s complexion and rejuvenates your skin.


Ultrasound guided heat that tightens the skin

Rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles

Laser Genesis
Stimulates collagen production which keeps fine lines, wrinkles, and rosacea, under control!

Acne scarring, large pores, skin laxity, and revitalization

increases collagen production and elastin to heal skin of any imperfections.

Acne scarring, large pores, skin laxity, and revitalization

Secret RF
A stronger form of microneedling that uses radio frequency– guided heat.

AnteAge (microneedling with stem cells)

Microneedling creates fine channels in the skin and then stem cells are infused into channels to stimulate hair growth!


Nutrafol is full of nutrients and minerals to help increase production of thicker, fuller looking hair.

Laser Hair Removal

The perfect solution for unwanted, stubborn hair that grows back quicker and thicker than before.

Laser Hair Removal

The perfect solution for unwanted, stubborn hair that grows back quicker and thicker than before.

Tattoo Removal

Want that tattoo gone? No problem! We offer laser tattoo removal that can get your tattoo faded and gone with 6-8 sessions.

Trusculpt ID

Trusculpt ID targets and melts fat, leaving you with a slimmer physique in just 2-3 months

Trusculpt Flex

Whether your goal is to stay toned, build muscle, or stay in shape after an injury, Trusculpt Flex is for you! Trusculpt flex uses electrical energy to tone, sculpt, and also to strengthen muscles, pain free!

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