How does Microblading Work?

Jan 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

how microblading in new jersey works

Microblading is the biggest trend in beauty right now. Compared with eyebrow tattooing, microblading creates very natural looking brows using small strokes of a microblading pen. Even with the growing popularity of microblading in New Jersey, we still see a lot of people come in who are extremely hesitant and nervous about the treatment. That’s why we wanted to ease your minds by explaining exactly what you can expect if you come in for a microblading appointment at ANU Medical Spa:

  1. Tell us what you want – everyone has different goals for their microblading appointment. Discuss with your aesthetician whether you want thicker brows, you want darker brows, or you want to focus on a particular area or shape. If you need inspiration, just ask for recommendations based on your facial structure.
  2. Prep eyebrows – your natural eyebrows will be cleaned, brushed, trimmed, and plucked to remove any stray or unruly hairs that won’t be a part of the finished product.
  3. Pick color – as you know, not all eyebrows are the same color. Based on your microblading goals, a color will be selected that will look natural and good with your skin tone.
  4. Outline – using a brow pencil, an outline is then created in the ideal shape for your eyebrows. This outline will serve as the guide for how thick and long your eyebrows will look when the treatment is over, so make sure you are satisfied before continuing.
  5. Numbing cream – it’s no secret microblading does feel a little painful during the procedure. To negate and minimize that pain, numbing cream is applied to your eyebrows and sits for several minutes, so it has time to kick in before the treatment begins.
  6. Microblading – once your eyebrows are numbed, the treatment begins! Similar to tattooing, tiny needles with pigment are dragged along the skin. Unlike tattooing, microblading uses very small strokes. Rather than a loud tattoo gun, a pen-like tool with several straight needles is scraped along the skin in the shape of the outline. The pigment remains on the skin until the entire treatment is completed.
  7. Enjoy – the pigment is wiped off the skin to unveil your beautiful new brows! Your eyebrows will initially look dark, but they lighten to their permanent color in about two weeks.

Are you ready to wake up every morning with beautiful, natural, perfect brows? Kristine Blesi, our resident microblading expert, will create eyebrows that compliment your face and look amazing. Make your microblading in New Jersey appointment here, or check out our microblading specials here.


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