How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

does led light therapy work

LED light therapy treatments have been popping up more and more over the last few years with the hopes of combating acne and signs of aging. You’ve probably seen the trend of the futuristic LED masks and handheld devices among celebrities and influencers on social media. So how exactly can this light help your skin? 

What is LED therapy and what are the benefits?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a special kind of light bulb that only gives off light at a certain wavelength or color. Much like the light from the sun, these light waves can penetrate deep into the skin to trigger reactions in the cells. Different colored lights produce different reactions. In your typical at-home light therapy kit, you’ll find red and blue light working together to kill bacteria and speed up the skin’s natural healing process by stimulating collagen production. In many medical spa offices, you’ll find white light treatments that work even harder to penetrate deeper to tighten skin and reduce inflammation. 

Benefits of LED light therapy:

  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Brightens up dark spots
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria
  • Reduces the appearance of breakouts
  • Reduces appearance of acne scars

What you can expect

Noninvasive LED light therapy treatments typically last about 20 minutes and patients describe the procedure as relaxing. The LED light may feel warm on the face but it won’t cause any burns to the skin.

Are there any risks involved?

Penetrating your face with LED beams may sound unhealthy, but we can assure you it’s safe. LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays so they’re safe for regular use. Additionally, these lights do not cause burns and is safe for all skin colors and types. However, if you’re taking Accutane for acne or you’re experiencing skin rashes, you should not use LED light therapy.

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