5 Reasons Why Lash Lifts are Worth It

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Not everyone is born with the long, dark eyelashes we see pictured every day among celebrities. Luckily, with New Jersey spa services like lash lifts, the eyelashes of your dreams are possible! A lash lift is the natural way to get longer, fuller lashes by using silicon rods and a Keratin-based lifting lotion. See our lash lift FAQ page to learn more about the treatment. You may look at the price of a lash lift and think it’s not worth it, but we’re here to prove that wrong! The $100+ price tag on a lash lift may seem steep, but there are so many benefits that will make you say “when can I make an appointment?”

Five benefits of lash lifting:

  1. Long lasting. Lash lifts typically last six to eight weeks, and then you have the option to return to ANU Medical Spa for a touch up at a reduced cost. If you’re thinking about getting lash lifts for a special occasion, you can rest assured knowing your lashes will impress people the day of and for weeks after.
  2. Alternative to eyelash extensions. Lash lift treatments are faster than eyelash extensions and require less maintenance afterward. With lash extensions, the cost of infills every two to three weeks can add up. Lash lifts will save you money!
  3. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze. After lash lifts, you’ll wake up with naturally dark, long eyelashes. You can skip the mascara and get those essential extra minutes of sleep.
  4. Enhances your natural eyelash. Lash lifts work with what you already have. Silicon rods and Keratin lotion will lift and strengthen your natural eyelash, giving you an effortlessly beautiful look.
  5. Works on all types of eyelashes. Some are cursed with naturally short and light eyelashes. Lash lifts are designed to work for every lash length and thickness! At our New Jersey spa, we offer a lash lift with tint treatment; mascara and lash curlers will be obsolete.

Your natural lashes have the potential to look longer, darker, and fuller without any makeup! In an appointment that lasts less than an hour, you can achieve the eyelashes you’ve always envied.  

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