What to Expect During your Lash Lifts Appointment

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If you haven’t heard about lash lifts, you’re missing out! It is the easiest, safest way to get curly, ooh-la-la lashes without needing extensions. Instead, lash lifts work with your natural lashes, so it should be no surprise that after treatment your lashes will look naturally beautiful. Because the eye is a sensitive area, a lot of people are hesitant to try something new. That’s why we gave a step-by-step guide of what to expect when you get lash lifts in New Jersey at our medical spa:

  • Step 1: your aesthetician will gently cleanse both eyelids and under eye areas.
  • Step 2: you will be asked to look up toward your forehead and an eye pad will be placed over the bottom of your eye and bottom lashes
  • Step 3: a small, medium, or large sized silicon pad will be selected for your top lashes based on the length of your natural eyelashes. Sometimes, an adhesive is applied first to stick the back of the silicon pad to your eyelid, so it doesn’t move.
  • Step 4: adhesive is applied to the outward facing part of the silicon pad as well as the tops of your upper set of lashes.
  • Step 5: a tool is used to push all of your lashes up, attaching them to the silicon pad. Your aesthetician may do several passes of this step because it is important that all your lashes are pointed up toward the eyebrows.
  • Step 6: the eyelashes are separated from each other, so they aren’t all clumped together on the silicon pad.
  • Step 7: a perm solution is applied to the lashes while they are attached to the silicon pad. This solution sits for about 10 minutes. During this step, the solution is spread to the very base of your lashes, so it is important not to jerk your head.
  • Step 8: the solution is removed – first by scraping it then by using a q-tip.
  • Step 9: a neutralizer solution is applied to the lashes. This helps remove the perming solution and conditions the lashes. This solution sits for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 10: the solution is removed.
  • Step 11: if you are receiving tint, it is now applied to the lashes, which are still attached to the silicon pad. This sits for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 12: the lashes are lifted off the silicon pad, and the silicon pad is removed from your top eyelid.
  • Step 13: the lashes are wiped down to remove any excess solution off that remains.
  • Step 14: the bottom eye pad is removed from underneath your eye.
  • Step 15: your eye area is very gently cleansed to remove any residue from the treatment.
  • Step 16: a disposable eyelash wand is ran over your lashes to separate and lift them.

After that, your lashes will look better than ever! No more worrying about mascara or lash curlers. You’ll wake up with beautiful, perfect lashes for up to two months. If you’re looking to book lash lifts in New Jersey, you can book an appointment online here or call 856-809-0909. There’s still time left to take advantage of our monthly special – lash lifts with tint for $115 or just lash lifts for $100. Book now before it’s too late.