The truSculpt 3D sculpting procedure is the only treatment of its kind, revolutionizing the modern approach to body sculpting and hip reduction. It delivers precise, uniform temperature treatments to adipose tissue under the skin. This process provides patients the best results in the shortest treatment time possible.

truSculpt 3D by Cutera is here to help you diminish fat, reshape, and improve definition on your body.

How it Works

truSculpt 3D uses proprietary radio frequency technology without surgery to reduce the size of unwanted pockets of fat, lessen the appearance of cellulite, and help you lose inches around your waistline. It applies therapeutic temperatures to adipose tissue, which is body fat under the skin. Fat cells are broken down by the body over approximately three months.

What to Expect

The technology uses the highest amount of energy possible, while keeping patients relaxed and achieving positive results through a closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism. Users have seen up to 24 percent reductions in fat thickness. truSculpt 3D can be used all over the body, especially to tricky spots such as the stomach, thighs, and under the chin. Patients can treat up to four problem areas during one session, and often experience noticeable results after one treatment. The procedure is repeatable, targeted, and safe.

After pre-treatment preparation, the handheld truSculpt 3D device is used to treat each section for about four minutes. The heat can be adjusted to keep patients comfortable. There is no downtime associated with the procedure, and patients will be back to their normal routines the same day. To maintain the results of truSculpt 3D, you are encouraged to continue regular exercise and a healthy diet.


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