Skin Care Tips for Traveling This Summer

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Summer is a great time for traveling, but maybe not the best for your skin care routine. Your daily routine could take a hit from the travel-sized restrictions or the changes in your diet and environment. For your vacation, try out these summer skin care tips!

Summer Skin Care Tips for Traveling


Choose your most important products if you’re crunched for space.

If you’re traveling by plane, chances are you’ll have to pick and choose the products to bring with you. Decide what products are the most important for your routine. Two things you absolutely should not leave behind: a cleanser and a moisturizer.


Stay hydrated – inside and out.


Once you’re 30,000 feet up, the air is going to be dry and your skin will not be happy about it. Be sure before your flight to properly moisturize and bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the flight!




Wherever you’re headed, sunscreen is a must. On a plane, you’re 30,000 feet closer to sun, so applying sunscreen to any exposed area couldn’t hurt. You can kill two birds with one stone when you use a face moisturizer that contains SPF!  If you’re going somewhere tropical, you’re going to need a lot of sunscreen – much more than you can fit in a travel-sized container. We recommend buying your sunscreen at your destination or shipping it to yourself beforehand, so it’s there waiting for you. For more on protecting your skin, check out our tips for skin protection all summer long.


Reusable containers


Travel-sized reusable containers are awesome for cleansers and basic moisturizers. But other products may not take too well to being transferred to a new container. Beneficial ingredients in many products may begin to degrade with exposure to oxygen, so transferring them can decrease the effectiveness. If it’s not small enough to get on a plane, it might be best just to leave it at home.


Cleansing face wipes


For long hours of travel, you’ll be happy you brought some cleansing wipes. During a layover, it’s not always convenient to wash your face in the airport bathroom. Face wipes are an easy and quick way to refresh your face and get rid of dirt and oil. Don’t forget to apply some moisturizer afterward!


Too much makeup may cause more harm than help


With the exhaustion and stress of traveling comes breakouts and a full face of makeup – while it might cover up imperfections – isn’t going to help. It’s just a recipe for acne. Go bare to keep your skin looking clear and fresh. 

Wherever you’re going, take these summer skin care tips with you! The best way to prevent breakouts and ensure beautiful skin all vacation-long is to be prepared. You can start your vacation off right with a facial from ANU Medical Spa. See what we have to offer and book an appointment today!