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When it comes to aesthetics procedures like injectables and fillers such as BOTOX, laser treatments, Ultherapy®, and Vivace, does the thought of any pain leave you saying, “No, thank you?”

What if we told you that you don’t have to worry about pain anymore with your in-office non-invasive aesthetic skin care treatments? What if we also told you we can take the “edge off” the pain without narcotics?

Now we can! We are so excited to introduce you to PRO-NOX™, our new anti-pain machine.


Your comfort and care are our top priorities at ANU Medical Spa, and we are always on the lookout for the latest technology to make your experience the best possible.

Because of our commitment to exceptional patient care, we’ve added the PRO-NOX nitrous oxide system to our practice. PRO-NOX uses nitrous oxide as an analgesic agent to safely and effectively reduce the intensity of the pain.

In addition, you’ll find that PRO-NOX reduces your awareness of the pain while minimizing any discomfort.

What Does PRO-NOX™ Do?

PRO-NOX puts you, the patient, in the driver’s seat. You control the amount of analgesia. During your treatment, you determine the amount of pain relief you need as you hold on to the disposable mouthpiece and hose as you breathe the nitrous oxide. It’s similar to what you might have used in the dentist’s office to reduce a case of the nerves and pain, but it’s also different because with PRO-NOX you control how much you breathe in.

You know your body and your pain threshold better than anyone, and we love PRO-NOX because you can effectively control how much (or little) pain relief you need.

The best part of PRO-NOX is that within five-10 minutes, there is no trace of the chemical in your body. This means you can safely return to your activities and drive with no risk.

We find that many of our patients are anxious before treatments. While many of these procedures are non-invasive, they can be painful. Sometimes they opt out, and sometimes they choose narcotic pain medications. With PRO-NOX, you aren’t dealing with meds that interrupt your day and make it so you have to have a driver bring you and take you home from the office.

Here are the PRO-NOX benefits:

  • You self-administer it
  • Quick onset – takes effect in seconds
  • Immediate relief from pain and anxiety
  • Short duration – can return to activities
  • No oral pain medications or narcotics
  • Ideal for aesthetic procedures