pearl fractional


The Pearl Fractional is a fractional laser that treats photo-damaged skin in a single treatment. Fractional therapy is a type of treatment that exposes a laser beam of tiny dots to a small area of skin. The laser pulses very small holes into the skin, removing small sections of damaged tissue while leaving the rest of the skin intact.

Pearl Fractional is effective in treating the whole face, particularly in addressing the delicate tissue around the eyes and around the mouth. Patients with light to medium skin tones and skin blemishes from aging and sun damage will benefit the most from Pearl Fractional treatment.

After a Pearl Fractional procedure, the body naturally begins to produce new collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines and aging skin. Patients will begin to see improvement after one week; however, optimum results are visible in one to three months.

What to Expect

Some patients describe feeling a sequence of quick, hot pinches during the procedure. There is a numbing cream administered to minimize discomfort. Post treatment, the skin looks sunburned and slightly swollen; therefore, patients must apply an ointment to skin for four to five days and should limit sun exposure and wear protective clothing. Five days after treatment, patients may wear makeup.

Before and After

Pearl Fractional Before and After

If you would like to resurface your face in just one treatment, book your Pearl Fractional consultation today with one of our experienced professionals. We require a deposit when scheduling your appointment. Any appointments canceled within 24 hours of service will be charged a cancellation fee.