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Have your lashes thinned out or shortened over time? Have you always how latisse workshad very sparse eyelashes? LATISSE® can help you get the lashes you desire! LATISSE® is the first and only FDA-approved product to grow lashes fuller, longer, and darker for people with an insufficient amount of lashes.

Though researchers are unsure how LATISSE® exactly works, they believe it increases the percentage of hairs in the active growth phase and extends the growth phase.

In the LATISSE® clinical study, which included 278 participants from 16 sites across the country of different ages, some patients were given the LATISSE® solution, and others were given a placebo. By the 16th week, results proved that 78 percent of participants had a substantial increase in their overall lash length, fullness, and darkness, compared to 18 percent for the placebo group.

What to Expect

See your lash potential in 16 weeks! Once you begin treatment, you will first begin to see the length of your lashes change. Then, there will be more thickness and darkness in your lashes. Though you may start to see results in four weeks, keep going. LATISSE® solution works gradually and takes a full 16 weeks when used every day to reach optimum results. Do not stop daily application of LATISSE® once you see results. Speak with your doctor after 16 weeks to discuss ongoing use.

Prior to applying LATISSE® every night, make sure you have a clean face and all your nighttime products have been applied. Take out an applicator from the tray and add one drop of LATISSE® solution to the applicator brush tip. Quickly brush the applicator along the eyelash line from the inside out. Blot the excess with a tissue and repeat the process on the other eye.

Before and After

latisse before and after