January Specials

As of July 1st we will require a credit card deposit for medical procedures with any aesthetician. If you cancel or no show to your appointment you will be charged a fee of $25.

All spa services will be 25% off!
This does not include medical services

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trusculpt flex

truSculpt flex

Price by consultation

We have some exciting news! Our clinic is happy to offer truSculpt® flex. If you are looking for that extra edge to strengthen, firm, and tone your body, try truSculpt flex. Our premier muscle sculpting treatment is clinically proven to build muscles and is personalized for your fitness level, shape, and goals.

trusculpt id

truSculpt iD

Price by consultation

Personalize your ideal body. We have some exciting news! Our clinic is now happy to offer truSculpt® iD. If you diet and exercise but still have areas of stubborn fat, truSculpt® iD, our new body contouring treatment, is clinically proven to eliminate fat cells regardless of your shape or body type. It takes as little as one comfortable 15-minute treatment, completely personalized to your individual needs.

secret rf

Secret RF Microneedling

Our Introductory Price Is $750 

ANU Medical Spa is proud to offer Secret RF, a new microneedling treatment that improves signs of aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and scars with little to no downtime. Secret RF uses microneedles to deliver fractional Radio Frequency (RF) energy into varying levels of the skin including the deeper layers where treatment is most beneficial. This unique delivery of energy allows us to achieve optimal results on all skin types.

How it Works
Secret RF is an easy, safe and effective procedure that can be performed in a quick, 20-minute treatment session. To achieve the optimal effect, 3-4 Secret RF treatments are recommended. You’ll start to notice results after your second treatment, but optimal results appear 3 months after the last treatment.

lash lifts

Lash Lift

Lash Lift: $100 (normally $125)
Lash Lift with Tint: $115 (normally $140)
Lash Lift Touch Up 6-8 Weeks: $85

Lash lifting is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes, making them appear fuller and longer. Certified technicians use a unique technique, combining a lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural lashes. You’ll get curl and volume without that weird kink you sometimes get from clamping down with a curler. No need for eyelash extensions and the associated aftercare.

lash lifts


Initial appointment: $399 (normally $450)
Touchup after 6 to 8 weeks: $95
Annual follow-up: $275

ANU Medical Spa specializes in eyebrow microblading and cosmetic tattooing. Utilizing the art of permanent make-up, our specialists can re-create or remodel your eyebrows to customize into the shape that best suits your facial symmetry and characteristics. Permanent makeup services also include eyeliner, lip liner, and more.

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