Prepare for Summer with Laser Hair Reduction Today!

A girl tanning on the beach with the caption "It's the perfect time to prepare for summer! With Laser Hair Reduction at Anu Medical Spa"

Daydreaming of warmer days? When you are trying to get ready before summer, February and March are optimal times to receive a consultation and start laser hair reduction treatments at our spa in New Jersey. Starting this early is necessary because the treatments take time and preparation. If you start laser hair reduction in New Jersey in these months, you will start seeing amazing results just before summer begins. An additional benefit to starting now is you get most of the pre-treatment preparations out of the way in the easiest months for them.

Timeline of the preparation before the first laser hair reduction treatment:

Step 1: Consultation

Step 2: Refrain from plucking and waxing six weeks prior to laser hair reduction treatment. Shaving is OK.

Step 3: Avoid tanning and using fake tanners one month prior to treatment. If you do go in the sun, ensure you wear a non-bronzing suntan lotion with a minimum of SPF 15.

Step 4: Pre-treatment consultation. General information and recommendation to stop shaving two to three days before treatment.

Step 5: First laser hair reduction treatment (sessions only last 20 to 30 minutes)!

You are most likely going to need three to six more treatments with four to six weeks between each for the full laser hair reduction treatment. Steps two and three should be followed between each additional treatment.

To get ahead of the problem and continue your summer daydreams worry-free, click here to schedule a laser hair reduction consultation with Anu Medical Spa in New Jersey today! Want to get 50 percent off (price by consultation)? Check our monthly specials page to see what discounts apply!


Bonus Video:

If you’re curious about what to expect when you get laser hair removal, watch the YouTube science channel Veritasium’s slow-motion video and explanation of the process: YouTube Link