5 Myths About BOTOX Injections, Busted

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BOTOX injections are one of the most stigmatized cosmetic treatments on the market. Many people often imagine botched BOTOX treatments or overly-treated patients when discussing the procedure. However, BOTOX is far safer and more common than the reputation it is given. ANU Medical Spa is here to help eliminate fears of the treatment due to myths surrounding it.

  1. BOTOX is dangerous

Probably one of the most common myths is BOTOX injections are dangerous because of treatments gone wrong. However, in the majority of cases these botched treatments are due to untrained or unlicensed people administering the injections. To ensure a safe treatment, make sure you seek the assistance of a trained medical professional. Be aware of people claiming to offer the injections at an overly discounted price, as this may be a scam.

  1. BOTOX is only for women

While women receive BOTOX injections more than men, BOTOX can provide excellent benefits for them, too. No matter a patient’s gender, the treatment can help slow the aging process and temporarily eliminate wrinkles and other trouble spots on the face or neck.

  1. BOTOX is only for older patients

An older audience generally receives BOTOX treatments more frequently because they are likely to have deeper lines and wrinkles. However, many patients in their twenties and older also use BOTOX as a method of treating spots early to get ahead of the aging process.

  1. BOTOX results are permanent

Many people believe if you receive BOTOX treatments, the results will stay forever. This scares off potential patients due to a fear of not liking the results. However, the results of BOTOX actually last between three and six months. This is great because it gives the option of continuing treatment and maintaining the results or stopping altogether.

  1. Your wrinkles will worsen if you stop treatment

The final misconception about BOTOX injections is that your skin will worsen if you stop treatment. In reality, when a patient stops receiving treatment, their skin returns back to the state it was in before the injections. This may be perceived as the skin getting worse because the patient has grown used to how their skin looks with BOTOX. This can be compared to someone believing their hair grows back thicker after shaving it or teeth returning to their normal color if someone stops whitening them.


We hope we helped debunk common myths about BOTOX injections. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 856-809-0909 or book an appointment online with one our consultants.