Anu Medical Spa is now Offering Eyelash Extensions!

We are proud to announce that we are now offering a new service! Lash extensions are a simple and safe cosmetic procedure that uses a medical grade adhesive to bind tiny hairs to your existing lashes. The process takes about two hours for the initial visit and requires visits of approximately an hour to touch up your lashes every three or four weeks if you want to maintain your look.

Lash extensions offer a high level of customization depending on the condition of your eyelashes. From bold, full, darkened lashes to adding a subtle length and curl this procedure is perfect for obtaining whatever look you are going for.  Lash extensions are highly customizable in color, length, thickness, and curl.

If you’re are interested in learning more about lash extensions give us a call at 856-809-0909. If you are ready to have fuller, longer lashes, fill out our form to book an appointment today!

Initial Full Set - $160

Touch Up - $60



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