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“The massage therapist was wonderful. She was very pleasant and ensured comfortability”

– J.H.

“Both assistant and Doctor were so great!”

– E.E.

“A beautifully decorated and staffed spa. Thank you for being so informative and helpful”

– K. R.

“Denise was an excellent technician, everything from greeting to leaving was very pleasant”

– B.A.

“This was my first time having a body wrap and it was unbelievable. Jaclyn did an outstanding job”

– K.C.

“Great place to relax, friendly staff and excellent services”

– A.B.

“Denise’s facial was the best Ive ever experienced, and I’ve had facials all over the world!”

– S.C.

“Jaclyn is wonderful, has a light touch and great personality. She was very thorough in her facial administrations.”

– A.D.

“I feel surrounded by positive energy from all angles. Everyone is very polite and respectful. I always love coming to Anu Medical Spa.”

– R.M.

“Colleen masterfully executed one of the most enjoyable pedicure services I’ve ever experienced”

– D.P.

“Excellent bedside manner”

– D.C.

“Great experience! My best pedicure ever”

– M.T.

“Very relaxing. I see improvement already and all I had was a mini-facial”

– J.A.

“I’d read about the Titan laser when I was researching the most effective treatments for early signs of aging. I was hesitant to suggest spending the money on a treatment, especially since I couldn’t be positive it would work. My husband bought me my first treatment as a Christmas gift. He offered to pay for both my chin/neck and my face, but I suggested we do only the chin and neck and wait to see the results. A few months later, I asked him if he thought it had worked and he said, It definitely worked. He was very happy to encourage me to spend the money on the next session.”

– T.O.