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Skin Analysis Complementary with any facial service treatment ($30 value)

Using state-of-the-art digital imaging photography, VISIA Complexion Analysis evaluates skin texture, wrinkles, pores and pigmentation. Quantitative analysis includes comparison of an individual”s skin conditions with those characteristic of the same sex, age and ethnicity. This personalized evaluation is used as a baseline for tracking treatment progress.

Anu Lifestyle Facials $107

Delight in this revitalizing facial that is personalized every time with your individual well-being in mind. Let one of our expert aestheticians create the perfect treatment just for you.

  • Restoration ~ Renew skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Balance ~ Balance combination skin
  • Harmony ~ Find harmony between an oil prone complexion and hydration
  • Purification ~ Clarify problem prone skin
  • Comfort ~ Soothe and refresh sensitive skin

60 Minutes

Gentleman’s Facial $107

A unique facial specifically formulated for men. Treatment includes deep cleaning, extractions of pores and hydrating the skin to counteract the dryness from shaving over sun exposure.

Anu Anti-Aging Facial $140

Reveal youthful skin with this superior clinical peel. The proven lightening and exfoliating effects of lactic acid uncover youthful skin the exclusive, anti-oxidant, minimizes the inflammation and redness of the skin which commonly occurs with chemical peels. The Refresh & Repair Eye Contour Treatment, renewing Hand Treatment and neck and shoulder massage lavish true loving care.

60 Minutes

Dermaplaning $75

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that provides an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion. The treatment is performed by our experienced aesthetician who uses a surgical blade to gently exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair. A noticeable improvement is immediate with a smoother, brighter skin appearance.

Accupressure Facial $122

The Accupressure Facial includes an ancient Chinese healing technique where accupressure is applied to specific meridians on the face. This technique releases toxins, decongests and energizes facial tissue to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen Facial $135

This facial firms, plumps and hydrates the skin.

Anu Aroma Transformation $117

Ancient healing traditions meet current proven actives, harmonizing exquisitely to transform both skin and spirit in this luxurious treatment. A highly personalized and experiential facial designed to provide the best of both worlds. Anu AromaTransformation unites five effective treatments into one: deep cleansing enzyme treatment; genuine aromatherapy; profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating Acu point massage and specialized firming and renewing care for the delicate eyes and hands.

60 Minutes

Rosacea Facial $107

This Rosacea Facial is ideal for those suffering from Couperose, Erythrose and Rosacea. Utilizing the Bio-Maple Extract found in the Canadian Maple Trees to heal, cool and desensitize the skin. This facial diffuses the appearance of ruddiness, redness and broken capillaries while gently soothing and hydrating.

60 Minutes

Acne Facial $107

Anti-bacterial formula applied to infected areas of the face, chills out the overactive pimple-breeding derma cell system. Pimples and cysts are gently extracted. A Healing camphor masque soothes infected areas and dries out oily pimples.

60 Minutes

Deep Cleansing Back Facial $129

Teen Facial $54

Teens this facial is perfect for you! This deep -cleansing treatment is fantastic for all skin types and customized to target individual skin care concerns. Exfoliation, extractions, steam, a treatment masque and hydration included. Teens 13-17

Mini-Facial $75

No time for a full facial? Cleanse, tone, mask and Moisture.

30 Minutes

Microdermabrasion $140

Our microdermabrasion is a non-invasive physical “skin polishing,” which decreases age spots, sun damage, acne, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, stretch marks and scars.

30 minutes

Dermapen aesthetician grade 1.0mm $199

Dermapen is a fractional micro-needling device that is used to treat acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, pore size, and general skin rejuvenation

30 minutes

Dermapen with a Facial: $250

60 minutes

Skinceuticals Lactic Peel $125

Includes Dermaplaning

Skinceuticals Glycolic Peel $125

Includes Dermaplaning

Skinceuticals Pigment Balancing $125

Includes Dermaplaning

Skinceuticals Salicylic Peel $125

Obagi Radiance Peel: $125

Antioxidant Pomegranate Peel: $100

Includes Dermaplaning

Advanced Peels

ZO Medical 3 step peel: $250

Designed by Dr. Zein Obagi, this peel is one of the most innovative and effective treatments for reducing the signs of aging and rejuvenating optimal skin health.  This potent stimulating peel designed for acne, melisma, sun damage, fine lines, texture, roughness, large pores and dullness.  It promotes softer, soother skin and is suitable for any skin type or color. Skin must be pre-conditioned prior to peel.  Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks to achieve your desired result.

Combine one or more of these services with any of our facial treatments.

LED Light Therapy $35

The newest skin care technology utilizing the power of visible red and infrared light to activate cellular repair. Specific wavelengths and frequencies penetrate the skin to gently lift and firm the skin through the enhancement of cellular metabolism. With the LED light therapy, your skin will feel active, tighter and revived.

20 Minutes 

Refresh and Repair Eye Contour Treatment $33

Awaken tired eyes so they instantly look and feel a few years fresher. This cooling treatment targets signs of age and stress around the eye contour.

15 Minutes

Renewal Hand Treatment $33

An exfoliating and anti aging treatment for dry, depleted and tired hands, this treatment includes a skin polish, a warm repairing mask and a warm oil hand and arm massage.

15 Minutes

Additional Extraction Time $28

For an even deeper cleanse. Must be booked prior to treatment.

15 Minutes

Scalp Massage $28

Relax and unwind with this quick fix using pressure point massage to melt away tension.

15 Minutes

Vitamin C Mask $20

Brightening face mask firms and evens skin tone, leaving your complexion radiant.

15 Minutes

Collagen Mask $25

Eyelash Tint $33

Eyebrow tint $17

Peptide Mask $25

Great with Dermapen Treatments

Lactic Peel, Glycolic or Salicylic Peel By Consultation

Add a deeper level of exfoliation to your facial treatment to help even skin tone.


Utilizing sterile, hygienic liquid nu-free wax, observing strict OSHA medical facility standards, our unique wax is fast, effective and can be given alone or as an add-on to any service. Inquire about other areas.

  • Lip ~ $17
  • Chin ~ $22
  • Cheeks ~ $20
  • Eyebrow Clean-up ~ $20
  • Eyebrow Shaping ~ $22
  • Bikini $38
  • French Bikini $59
  • Brazilian Bikini $75
  • Underarm $28
  • Full Leg $75
  • Upper Leg $38
  • Lower Leg $38
  • Stomach $22
  • Back $54
  • Full Arm $49
  • Half Arm $25
  • Under Arm $28

Permanent Make-up By Kristine Blesi

Specializing in eyebrow microblading and cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.

Anu Eyebrow Perm Makeup

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Microblading Prices

  • Initial appointment ~ $450
  • Touchup after 6-8 weeks ~ $95
  • Annual follow up ~$275

Permanent Makeup Prices

  • Eyebrows ~$399
  • Top eyeliner ~$375
  • Eyeliner set ~$400
  • Lip liner ~$399
  • Full lip ~$450
  • Touchup after 6-8 weeks (within the year) ~$85
  • Colorblast (over a year from last visit) ~$175

Lash Lifts

It’s a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes, making them appear fuller and longer. Certified technicians use a unique technique combining a lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural lashes. You’ll get curl and volume without that weird kink you sometimes get from clamping down with a curler. No need for eyelash extensions and the associated aftercare
Lash Lift $150
Lash Lift with Tint $180

Anu Lash Lifts